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Positioning & building global superyacht business, ownership & enjoyment strategies

Building Your Business & Strategic Plan

The Bob Saxon Consultancy relies on forty years of experience and success in the specialized world of yachting.  Having owned and sold businesses, facilitated mergers & acquisitions, and having served in a continuing series of leadership positions with some of the leading global yachting entities, BSC is particularly well-suited to consult on business, growth and marketing strategies.

Global Yacht Management & Operations

Bob Saxon can point to a history of having represented over 2,000 yacht owners in several management capacities. BSC can be retained to manage the yachting interests of owners on a case by case basis (situational), or in a continuing role as liaison between the yacht and the owner’s office to assure incident free ownership and cruising.

Nonprofit Organizations & Special Events

BSC provides leadership to numerous nonprofits while Bob is widely known as a nurturing mentor. He is also widely recognized as a captivating moderator, host and emcee for many of the global superyacht industry's most prestigious round tables and events.


The Bob Saxon Consultancy works closely with established collaborators (industry associations, marketers, technical specialists, government tourism boards, and more) as needed to fulfill clients' needs.

Investment Management

For investors looking to gain a foothold in the global large yacht marketplace, BSC advises on these matters as well as destination development and marketing, mergers, acquisitions, marketing alliances, and business strategies.

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